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Premium Extraction Equipment – Ideal for Cannabis and Diverse Industrial Applications


Available for Sale: High-Quality Extraction Equipment Previously Utilized in Cannabis Processing. Our inventory includes industry-leading machines designed for a range of applications in various sectors. These units are in excellent condition and offer superior efficiency, reliability, and advanced extraction capabilities.


ISOLATOR™ SFC 10 with Knauer BlueShadow Detector 40D HPLC – 08/2020

Revolutionizing Liquid Chromatography: This ISOLATOR™ SFC 10, paired with the advanced Knauer BlueShadow 40D HPLC detector, offers unparalleled precision in substance separation and analysis. Ideal for cannabis laboratories, this machine can also be adapted for pharmaceuticals, food quality control, and environmental analysis, providing versatile solutions across industries.

TharProcess Isolator sfc 10 - Real Machine.jpeg
TharProcess Isolator sfc 10 - Ticket.jpeg


2 X Separeco SCFN-51 (x2) – 2018

Cutting-Edge Supercritical Fluid Extraction: Our pair of Separeco SCFN-51 machines redefine efficiency in extraction processes. Utilizing supercritical CO2 technology, these units are perfect for extracting essential oils, flavors, and active compounds, not only in cannabis but also in herbal, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries.

Sepraco SCF-P51.jpeg
Separco SCF-P51 - 1.jpeg
Separco SCF-P51 Ticket.jpeg

2017 - ExtrateX SFI
Supercritical fluid machine 5L

Small to medium-scale supercritical CO2 extraction system, ideal for producing high-quality, solvent-free cannabis, nutraceutical, and food extracts. Preserves bioactivity of heat-sensitive compounds through low-temperature operation.

Extratex - Real Photo.jpeg

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